Before you start training you must decide what you want to achieve and train for that purpose be it weight loss, fat loss, lean muscle gain or muscle mass. You must be a master at one thing, the body will respond better with one focus,so train it to do one thing!
Goal setting will help you plan out and mark goals so that you can reach what you want to achieve. Short term goals should be set with longer term goals as the main end product!

Swansea Beach Bootcamp
05/02/2013 11:38pm

Train hard and intense- find what works best for you in order to meet your goals. Hiit (high intensity interval training)is a great way to lose body fat % and keep your sessions interesting, intense and short without taking up hours of your time. It is also seen as the best way to lose fat. It can be done anywhere with no need for weights, a gym or equipment! The body and gravity acts as resistance
Hiit involves maximum work with minimal rest over a set period of intervals


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